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We provide individual and group psychotherapy services to children,  adolescents, and adults.

Our services are individualized to meet the unique needs of every person.

We offer individualized fitness plans, personal training, group fitness classes and motivational/mindset coaching.  We recognize that fitness is so much more than a strong, fit body - it is a strong, fit mind as well.

We offer nutritional coaching individuals and families who wish to lead a more healthy lifestyle by building and sustaining healthy habits.


Our Vision

  At Think Happy Live Healthy we provide a comprehensive approach to mental health services.  Unlike traditional therapy, which places a large emphasis on counseling and medication, we believe that mental health is CONNECTED to our physical health.  At Think Happy Live Healthy we work to create an individualized plan for each client that involves therapy, fitness and nutrition programs.  We realize the strong connection between our body and minds, and use that to provide a more effective kind of treatment for our patients.

Our Story

  The idea for Think Happy Live Healthy began several years ago as I was working as a school psychologist in the Northern Virginia area.  Starting  out as young as elementary school I was seeing an overwhelming amount of  children suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, self-injury and anxiety.  By middle school, kids were overstressed, overworked, and overcommitted.  They had developed no coping skills and therefore chose unhealthy ways to deal with their suffering.


  As I was referring these children to therapists, it was almost as if my office was a revolving door.  These children were on waiting lists and given medication.  The ones that were lucky enough to get into therapy were only going for 1 hour a week and still engaging in the same self-defeating behaviors as before.  Eventually middle school became a place where kids were refusing to come and/or suffering from significant health issues (for the most part the diagnosis IBS became a regular).  Was this all truly IBS or was it more?

   I then began to pursue my license as a school psychologist to work outside the schools and provide therapy.  With my knowledge of real problems parents, children, and families face, I knew I could provide a unique and valuable service.

   For the past 5 years or so, I have been on my own journey of health and healing.  I used to suffer from severe allergies, chronic sinus issues, undiagnosed stomach issues, and nerve problems, among others.  After seeing specialist after specialist and beginning to feel like there was no hope I began a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  I started learning and reading all about nutrition, changing my diet, cutting out foods, and exercising regularly.  After a few years I can now say I am off all of my medications with the exception of a preventive allergy pill.  I have more energy, my hair and nails started growing again, I no longer deal with my stomach issues, and my anxiety has subsided!

   By learning to let go of bad habits and embrace change, I finally began to live the Happy and Healthy life I’ve always wanted to.

I have taken my passion along with my training as a school psychologist to create Think Happy Live Healthy, to inspire young children and adolescents that they have the power to change and lead a healthy and happy life.  If we can help children learn these skills now, together we can change their future.