Licensed Professional Counselor Resident

Jennifer has worked as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Licensed School Counselor in Northern VA and California for the past 10 years. She has extensive experience and certifications in several areas, including: grief, loss, life transitions, counseling culturally and linguistically diverse populations, L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ populations, Positive Discipline Parent and Teacher Education, trauma and traumatic stress disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders. She is a trauma-informed practitioner, and is holistic in her therapeutic approach and interventions, believing that mind, body and soul must all be attended to achieve and maintain optimum well-being. To this end, she is also a registered (with Yoga Alliance) 200-hour yoga teacher, and has worked with children and adults of all ages in schools, private sessions and group classes, incorporating movement, meditation and breath work. A vegan for over a decade, she has helped thousands of people include and/or transition fully into a plant-based lifestyle, and has served as an expert educator and raw vegan chef, focusing on nutrition and nourishing the body.


Jennifer completed her Master’s degree in School Counseling in May, 2010, and went on to complete her Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree in August, 2010. From there, she moved to San Diego, California, and began working in private practice with the California State Child Welfare System, serving as an intern Counselor and Child Welfare Advocate in both Schools and Courts of Law in San Diego County. During this time, she also completed trainings in Positive Discipline for Parents and Teachers, and held workshops sponsored by government grants for both populations throughout schools in the North County of San Diego. In 2013, she moved back to Virginia, whereupon she immediately went back to school, this time in pursuit of an Education Specialist degree in Leadership and Administration for Counselors. During this time, she finished Doctoral-level counseling classes offered at The George Washington University, and then studied alternative therapeutic modalities like Indian philosophy and Buddhist Meditation techniques, as well as the Expressive Arts. She was awarded this degree in May, 2016.


Jennifer uses a wide variety of evidence-based healing modalities to assist her clients in achieving their goals, and views her role as a counselor-educator and trusted companion, walking alongside clients towards achieving mental health. Collaborative in nature, Jennifer is able to customize and tailor plans that work for you as an individual, recognizing and honoring your unique strengths, needs and preferences. When not working, Jennifer loves spending time with her family, practicing yoga, reading and long walks in nature.


Mood disorders

Anxiety disorders

Grief and loss

Sexual identity and gender topics

Trauma – specifically recovery from C-PTSD (complex PTSD)

Emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuses along with recovery from narcissistic and anti-social (psychopathic) abuses



Proficient in all ages, having worked with children as young as 3 and across the human developmental life span, to include persons at end-of-life and in hospice care.

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