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3 Ways to Increase Exercise During Quarantine

Are you finding it difficult to exercise during the quarantine? Even though you seemingly have more time you still aren’t fitting into your day. Here are 3 tips that may help increase your motivation to move!

1. Change the language, call it Movement.

Just the simple act of changing the language you use can change how your brain processes information. When you hear the word “exercise” or “workout” or “training” that may signal in your brain things like “pain” or “weight loss”. Those words may have had years to engrain negative thought loops in your brain that produces feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Instead, teach your body that today we are going to MOVE. Whatever that means for you that day. There is for no goal, no purpose, it is just with intention that you move. That may mean taking a walk outside, practicing yoga, or cleaning your house. You are going to give yourself space to move each and every day.

Therefore, you create positive associations with movement that produce feelings of connection, purpose, power, and strength.

2. Move in new and different ways.

Sometimes we get stuck in our routines and the ways in which we move, which becomes dull and boring. We need variety in our movement in order to challenge our bodies, our muscles, and our mind. So pick something new that you have never tried and go ahead and move.

3. Find an accountability buddy.

Having someone to move with can make all the difference in your motivation. Maybe you can decide that you are going to walk with your spouse daily, or go on a bike ride with your kids. Maybe you sign up for an online class with a friend. Even check in with a friend and create a workout schedule and then plan a reward, maybe a short trip to celebrate your success. I am all about rewarding myself when I am building healthy habits.

Enjoy and have fun with your movement!

Written by:

Christine Willing, M.Ed., NCSP

Licensed School Psychologist

Founder of Think Happy Live Healthy

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