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We offer two different options depending on where you are in your nutrition journey.

Start off with a one time consult or sign up for our exclusive monthly membership.

Nutrition Consultation

A consultation starts with a one-hour video meeting that dives into your current habits, lifestyle, mind, body, and health to determine where you might be getting stuck and develop a path forward. A key aspect of the consultation is to determine if the effort you are currently putting in towards your nutrition routine is actually working, or if it is wasted energy keeping you stuck in
an unhelpful cycle. 


After the initial meeting, a follow-up session is held to review an extensive report outlining tips, suggestions, and strategies for how to elevate your approach to nutrition. The report will also
highlight the skills you already have and lead to recommendations for how to enhance what you are already doing. You have strengths and we are going to build on them! 


The consultation option is great if:

  • You don’t know where to start (the nutrition and fitness world can be overwhelming!)

  • You want to be pointed in the right direction but feel you have the skills you need to make changes on your own

  • Are looking to know if the plan you are following is actually working, have general questions about the connection between nutrition and mental health.

  • You are preparing for an upcoming event and want to explore how nutrition might fit in (e.g., traveling, attending an event, etc.)

5 Sessions

The five session option begins with an initial intake appointment that takes an extensive look into your current lifestyle, habits, nutrition knowledge, and health to determine what your needs
are. From there, five subsequent sessions are scheduled that begin with identifying your nutrition goals. You will then learn the information, skills, and strategies you need to start working towards those goals. The extended sessions allow time for learning and practicing new skills with the ongoing support from your coach. In between sessions, you will regularly check-in with your coach to ask questions, identify what is working well, and where you get stuck. 


The five session option is great if:

  • You want more ongoing support and feedback as you learn how to make changes that you can ultimately sustain on your own

  • You are looking to generally maintain your current weight, while learning skills to incorporate more whole foods; meal balance/structure; strategies for buying and preparing food; review of sleep and exercise habits, etc

If any of the options above sound like they might be a fit for you, reach out to to get started.  

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