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We offer two different options depending on where you are in your nutrition journey.  Start off with a one time consult or sign up for our exclusive monthly membership.

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Nutrition Consultations

A consultation is a one time, one-hour video meeting that dives into your current habits, lifestyle, mind, body, and health to determine where you might be getting stuck and develop a path forward. A key aspect of the consultation is to determine if the effort you are currently putting in towards your nutrition routine is actually working, or if it is wasted energy keeping you stuck in an unhelpful cycle. 


A consultation will also address and highlight the skills you already have and lead to recommendations for how to enhance what you are already doing. You have strengths and we are going to build on them! 


The consultation option is great if: you don’t know where to start (the nutrition and fitness world can be overwhelming!), you want to be pointed in the right direction but feel you have the skills you need to do the work, are looking to know if the plan you are following is actually working, have general questions about the connection between nutrition and mental health.

Month-to-month Coaching

For those looking for a more involved and long-term option, an ongoing coaching process offers the most resources, guidance, and assistance from your coach. This option begins with an in-depth assessment of current health markers, fitness routine, eating habits, lifestyle and goals. From there, a personalized plan is created for where to begin learning and implementing new habits, understanding the basics of deep health, diving into beliefs about food, eating triggers, and so much more. Month-to-month coaching never leaves you hanging and minimizes any guess work as it includes a weekly email and monthly video check-in to track progress using biofeedback markers, and open access to Coach Emily via email or text for questions as they arise, and as with any new journey, sometimes you just need some words of encouragement. With your coach as your guide, educator, and accountability partner, it’s time to work together through the frustrations, defeat, and self-sabotage once and for all to make way for the feel-good living you have been working for.

Let's Work Together

If any of the options above sound like they might be a fit for you, reach out to emily@thinkhappylivehealthy.com to get started.