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Think Happy

Start to Think Happy and Live Healthy

Research has shown that there is a link between the food you eat and your mood. In one study, people who had little to no intake of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, felt an increase in life satisfaction when they switched up their daily diet to include eight portions of fruit and vegetables a day. True, the mood that you are experiencing is not completely due to eating bad food. Depression, for example, has its origins. Depression can be triggered by a specific event or by lifestyle choices. But studies are showing that healthy eating, not only impacts our physical health, but our mental health as well. Just like the muscles in our body, the brain also needs the proper nutrients to thrive. And, by providing your brain with the right nutrients you can help to prevent and treat depression. 

Research has also shown that exercise is beneficial for, not only your physical well-being, but for your mental well-being. When doing high-intensity exercises, your body releases endorphins. These endorphins are known as the body’s feel-good chemicals, which can elevate your mood. Low-intensity exercise done over time also shows great value, as it helps to release proteins which causes nerve cells to grow, make new connections and improve brain function. To put it simply -  when you live healthy, you can think happy. 

When you are ready to think happy and live healthy, contact Think Happy Live Healthy in Falls Church, VA. At Think Happy Live Healthy we provide a comprehensive approach to mental health services.  Unlike traditional therapy, which places a large emphasis on counseling and medication, we believe that mental health is CONNECTED to our physical health.  At Think Happy Live Healthy we work to create an individualized plan for each client that involves therapy, fitness and nutrition programs.  We realize the strong connection between our body and minds, and use that to provide a more effective kind of treatment for our patients.

Learn more today at thinkhappylivehealthy.

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