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Operations Director
Barb Headshot

Barb joined Think Happy Live Healthy with 23 years of healthcare accounting and auditing experience. Prior to joining us, Barb worked for INOVA as a Billing Manager for over 5 years as well as other regional hospitals for 10+ years; where she was the top performer in each Patient Financial Services Department. Her high quality customer service made her stand out amongst her peers.


In addition to working for INOVA, Barb has worked for several ABA companies in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area that treats children with Autism. Barb has extensive knowledge and expertise in handling a variety of insurance payers and in healthcare reimbursement methodology. In addition to Barb’s billing duties, she also manages all new intakes and referrals.


In Barb’s spare time, she loves spending time with her wife of 23 years. She is an animal lover (has a small Shih Tzu and munchkin cat) and loves to travel, go antique shopping and play Bingo!




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