We are considered in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans (CareFirst, Anthem, Out of State BCBS plans, and Federal Employee Plans). We are also going to become in network with United Behavioral Health soon. Stay tuned!


All other insurance companies are considered “out-of-network”. If your insurance company offers out-of-network benefits, you may receive reimbursement for the cost of sessions. We will provide you with a monthly billing statement so you can submit your claims directly to your insurance. We do not bill out of network claims on your behalf.

Insurance Benefits

Please call the customer service number on the back of medical insurance card (for mental health services) to determine whether or not services provided are considered in-network or out-of-network. It is the client’s responsibility to determine insurance benefits prior to beginning therapy. Please contact your insurance provider directly to verify mental health coverage. The following questions will be helpful when discussing coverage with your insurance:

  • Do I have behavioral health/mental health insurance benefits/coverage?

  • Is my plan in-network or out-of-network with Think Happy Live Healthy, LLC?

  • If I am in-network, what is my co-pay or co-insurance for an in-office outpatient mental health visit?

  • If I am out-of-network, do I have out-of-network benefits and at what rate am I reimbursed?

  • Do I have an annual deductible? What is it and how much of it has been met? Is it a calendar year deductible or does it restart on a different date?

  • Are there a limited number of sessions allowed?

  • Is there an annual or lifetime limit on what my insurance will pay?

  • Is approval, referral or pre-authorization required?

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