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Licensed School Psychologist

Mrs. Willing has worked as a school psychologist in Northern Virginia for the past 8 years, before opening up her own practice.  Her extensive knowledge and experience includes working with special education laws and procedures, comprehensive psychological evaluations, developing IEP's, behavioral consulting, and implementing accommodations through a 504 plan.  Throughout her career, Mrs. Willing has completed hundreds of psychological evaluations on school age students, pre-k through high school. Her comprehensive evaluations contribute to the development of academic, social, and emotional supports for students.  She has also provided individual and group counseling to students with a wide variety of needs. Including, but not limited to, ADHD/executive functioning, social skill development, behavior management, and anxiety/depressive disorders.

Mrs. Willing received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from James Madison University and graduate degree in School Psychology from the University of North Carolina, at Chapel-Hill. During her graduate studies she worked at the Frank Porter Graham Child Developmental Institute in Chapel Hill as a research assistant on the Carolina Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Project. There Mrs. Willing studied the language development in children with Autism, Fragile X Syndrome, and Down syndrome. She has also worked at the Duke University ADHD Clinic, where she supervised and administered psychological testing to participants.

Mrs. Willing is currently a Licensed School Psychologist.  Mrs. Willing has provided extensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and young adults suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and executive functioning deficits. Mrs. Willing works to design and implement highly specific positive behavior support plans to reduce inappropriate behavior while enhancing adaptive skills to replace problematic behavior.  Mrs. Willing educates and trains the family and others who live and work with the individual to set up a consistent system of support across all settings.  Mrs. Willing is passionate about creating a positive  lifestyle in order to improve mental and physical health.  She  currently resides in DC with her husband.

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