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One-Hour Consultations

Meet with Caitlin Gilchrist, Counselor- in-Residence, for a one-hour consultation to discuss strategies and resource referrals for short term support while on the waitlist for regular therapy services. Her clinical expertise includes Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness techniques to equip individuals with "right now" solutions. Our hope is to propel our support to reach more individuals who are unable to receive consistent services at this time.


Why seek a consultation:

1. Gain short term support while waiting to be connected with a therapist. 

2. Answer questions regarding therapy and determine if individual therapy is the best fit for you. 

3. Receive tangible strategies and tools to alleviate some short term concerns. 

4. Facilitate relaxation techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, or breath focus. 

5. Discuss alternative supports or provide additional resources if required.   

Parent Consultations 

Meet with one of our school psychologists for a one- hour consultation to discuss a variety of concerns regarding your child.  Our school psychologists have worked in the school system for years before working in the private sector and therefore understand the stressors and issues that children face in terms of school and support. 


When to seek parent consultation:

  1. Questions related to school stress, school supports, services, how to access 504 or IEP. 

  2. Questions regarding the therapy process and determining what avenue is best fit for your child.  How to discuss therapy with your child.

  3. Questions about evaluations and what a diagnosis means for your child. 

  4. Questions or concerns about a specific issue or behavior management.


All adult/parent consultation services are self-pay. Insurance does not reimburse for these services as we do not provide a mental health diagnosis. This is not psychotherapy, but of an educational nature. 

To schedule a consultation: Please complete our online form here.

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