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Our Vision

At Think Happy Live Healthy we provide a comprehensive approach to mental health services.  Unlike traditional therapy, which places a large emphasis on counseling and medication, we believe that mental health is CONNECTED to our physical health.  At Think Happy Live Healthy we work to create an individualized plan for each client that involves therapy, fitness and nutrition programs.  We realize the strong connection between our body and minds, and use that to provide a more effective kind of treatment for our patients.




Who We Are

At Think Happy Live Healthy we provide a comprehensive system of support for children, adolescents and adults.  We help our clients cope with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, behavior disorders and other mental health issues.  Our team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise to EMPOWER our clients to lead healthier and happier lives.  We create the foundation to make change possible.


Think Happy Live Healthy accepts BlueCross Blue Shield (Anthem and CareFirst). We provide invoices with all necessary information to submit for reimbursements to out of network providers. 

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