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 Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is a highly personalized process that helps you learn about food, your body, and your habits. It is about setting realistic and attainable goals. All bodies, lifestyles, and goals are different, so your starting place should be too.

You are not alone and together we can achieve your nutrition goals.

So much of eating well is rooted in making lifestyle changes, which often requires a shift in our cognitive process, or the way we think. While nutrition coaching does not involve psychotherapy, it does require an understanding of motivation, emotional triggers, and the faulty thinking patterns that keep us stuck and pose a barrier to lasting change.

Nutrition Coaching is about determining a better path forward so you can stop obsessing about food and start living your life.

We offer two different options for nutrition coaching.  A consultation is a one time, meeting that dives into your current habits, lifestyle, mind, body, and health to determine where you might be getting stuck and develop a path forward. For those looking for a more in depth services we offer a five session package. The five session option begins with an initial intake appointment that takes an extensive look
into your current lifestyle, habits, nutrition knowledge, and health to determine what your needs

Hi! I am a therapist and certified nutrition coach.  My passion is helping individuals achieve mental and physical wellbeing.

Meet our expert nutritional coach here. Emily Newton is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Nutrition Coach here at Think Happy Live Healthy.  

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