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Our Psychiatrist


Yasmin Jilla, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

  • Anxiety (Child/Adolescent/Young Adult)

  • Depression (Child/Adolescent/Young adult)

  • Trauma/PTSD (Child/Adolescent/Young adult)

*Dr. Jilla's schedule is currently full and she is only accepting clients from Think Happy Live Healthy. However, we are actively exploring options to bring another psychiatrist on board. If you would like to receive updates on our progress, please add your name and email here. Thank you.

Our Therapists

Headshot -Christine.jpeg

Christine Willing,
M. Ed., Licensed School Psychologist, CEO 

  • School age issues

  • Anxiety (child/teen)

  • Parent training/support  


Rachel LaBelle,
Licensed School Psychologist, Lead Evaluator

  • Anxiety (child/teen)

  • School age issues including ADHD/executive functioning

  • Parent training/support

Jacklyn McMillan, LCSW, Lead Therapist
  • Relationships / Family Issues

  • Anxiety / Life Transitions

  • Communication / Self-esteem

Anna Headshot.jpg
Anna Miller, LCSW, Lead Therapist
  • Anxiety management

  • Trauma / PTSD

  • EMDR trained

image_50379009 (1).JPG
Jill Jacobs, LPC, Lead Therapist
  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma and challenging life events

  • Anxiety 

Jacintha headshot.jpeg
Jacintha Carson, LPC, NCC
  • Anxiety/Depression (Teens/Adults)

  • Life Transitions/ Grief and Loss

  • Women's issues/ Perinatal Anxiety and Stress


Dr. Matthew Johnson,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

IMG_0288 (1).jpg

Dr. Bethany Tareen,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • School age issues

  • Parent Training/support

Sharon Hoffman, Licensed School Psychologist
  • School age and young adult issues 

  • Anxiety/life stress 

  • Mindfulness, positive psychology, and compassionate approach to referral concerns 

IMG_1278 (1).JPG
Emily Newton, LPC
  • Trauma and EMDR

  • Nutrition and mental health

  • High pressure careers (i.e., medical, law enforcement, etc)

Sepideh Saiedi, LPC
  • Anxiety and Depression (Adult)

  • Trauma and Loss (Adult)

  • Life transition issues  (Adult)

Emily Nagel
Emily Nagel, LCSW
  • Anxiety/Depression/Adhd

  • Life transitions/Stress


Izabela Osiniecka, LCSW
  • Anxiety


  • Women's issues

Tara McFadden, LCSW
  • Ages 17 and older

  • Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma 

  • Relational Therapy, IFS, Mindfulness

Sean headshot
Sean Ward, LPC
  • Anxiety/ Depression (Child/Adult)

  • Life Transitions

  • Autism

Olivia Yellen, LCSW
  • Life Transition/ Life Satisfaction 

  • Adult Autism

  • Anxiety

Susan Fertig THLH Picture.jpg
Susan Fertig, LCSW
  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Relationship Issues

Our Residents

Liz headshot.jpeg

Liz Bresnahan,
School Psychology Resident

  • School age issues

  • Anxiety and executive functioning (child/teen) 

  • Parent Training/support

Rebecca Caldwell,
School Psychology Resident
  • School age/young adult issues 

  • Parenting training & Mothers support group

  • Athletic/sports related challenges 

Derek Henderson, School Psychology Resident
  • School age issues

  • Executive functioning (child/teen) 

  • Anxiety (child/teen)


Katie Wood,
School Psychology Resident

  • School age issues

  • Anxiety/depression/peer difficulties  (teen)

  • Parent Training/support

Nicole Campbell,
School Psychology Resident
  • School age issues

  • Anxiety 

  • High School/College Transition

Susan Bender, School Psychology Resident
  • School age issues

  • Anxiety

  • Bilingual testing/therapy for Spanish-speaking clients


Jennifer Hsieh Yang,
School Psychology Resident

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • ADHD & Executive Functioning difficulties 

Alyssia Rodriguez, Supervisee in Social Work
  • Anxiety (Adults 18+)

  • LGBTQIA+  related issues

  • Intimate Partner Violence 

Madison Thomas,
Supervisee in S
ocial Work
  • Teens and college/young adults 

  • Relationships, communication, family issues

  • Anxiety 


Caitlin Gilchrist, Licensed Professional Counselor Resident

  • Anxiety/depression (adults)

  • ADHD, life transitions, relational issues, substance abuse, and attachment 

  • Communication and mindfulness trainings/support

Aspen Starbird, Supervisee in Social Work
  • Trauma/PTSD (Adults)

  • Anxiety & ADHD (Adults)

  • Brainspotting for trauma/anxiety

Dannica HEadshot.jpeg
Dannica Conley, Licensed Professional Counselor Resident
  • Eating Disorders

  • Life Transitions

  • Stress/Anxiety


Sundus Ahmed, Licensed Professional Counselor Resident

  • Life phase issues

  • Child/adolescents behavioral concerns

  • Immigration and cultural adjustments

Our Office Administrators

Barb Valier
Operations Director

Mindy Turnbough
Billing Manager

Melody Valier
Operations Assistant

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