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THLH Groups

Our groups at THLH are psychoeducational rather than therapy based. This means that each group will teach skills that will empower you to lead a healthier and happier life.

If your therapist has recommended that you try group therapy, it's normal to be a little unsure of what to expect. When you go through a normal therapy session, you share your feelings one on one with a professional, and you don't have to even consider the thoughts of others. Group therapy can feel a little bit different, especially if you're not someone who easily opens up to strangers.

If your therapist has suggested group therapy, they're doing so for good reason. Engaging in a group therapy session can help you to understand that you're not alone in what you're going through. It can give you insight into how other people deal with similar issues, helping you find solutions in your own life. Regardless of the benefits, it's normal to be a little apprehensive about your first group therapy session.

While different groups can function differently, most follow the same guidelines. Participants are required to respect and listen to one another. The therapist or facilitator works to create a safe space in which everyone can share their experiences. If you don't feel comfortable talking right away, that's ok. It's normal to take a session or two to sit back and listen to others, giving you a chance to grow comfortable before you decide to share.

Group therapy can be a great way to practice active listening and other social skills. The facilitator can help members do this by encouraging conversation between one another. Talking to other members of the group in the safe space of a group therapy session can help you grow your confidence in talking to your family and friends about issues with which you struggle.

If you're interested in trying group therapy, Think Happy Live Healthy is here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our current groups and openings.

*Our groups are private pay only, and not reimbursable by insurance.

*Space is limited, so when signing up you are committing to attending all sessions.

Please email by clicking the button below to reserve your spot

Child Playing

CBT Anxiety Group
(Age 8-11)


Time: Weekdays (Wednesdays) 6-7 pm, 8 sessions total.
Has your child been experiencing an increased level of anxiety? Is your child struggling to
control their worries? Are their fears beginning to impact their overall life functioning? If you
answered yes to any of these questions, your child would benefit from this CBT anxiety
This CBT group provides children with an opportunity to learn the basic principles of Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a research-based therapeutic model to treat anxiety, and learn how
to apply these principles to manage anxiety better. Using these principles, children will
- To recognize triggers and physical symptoms of anxiety.
- Understand the connection between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
- Learn relaxation strategies to reduce overall anxiety.

Psychoeducational groups have several benefits for children. First, children can gain social
confidence by exploring emotional issues with others in a safe environment and working with
others to solve problems. Psychoeducational groups also help children increase their
communication skills by giving them an opportunity to practice verbalizing and exploring their
emotions with their peers. Oftentimes, children feel isolated or alone when dealing with mental
health issues. These groups provide children with an opportunity to feel heard and understood
by other children who are dealing with similar issues.

Child Counseling
Diverse Kindergarten

Social Skills Group 

Ages 3-5 years

Is your child shy and awkward around other children? 

Do they want to make friends but do not know how? 


This weekly social skills group for ages 3 to 5 provides individualized support for social skills development.  With only 2 or 3 children per group, the therapist will focus on the social and emotional learning goals that you set for your child.  Children will learn to play and share with others, read verbal and non-verbal social cues, follow directions, resolve conflicts, and recognize and regulate emotions.  Following the 45-minute group, parents will spend 15 minutes with the therapist for feedback and to discuss strategies to extend learning to the home and other settings. 



Time: Weekday (Day of the week TBD) 1-2 pm. Starting in Fall, 8 sessions total.


Cost: $79 per session.


*Private child and parent consultation is required before starting the group.  

Early Childhood Consultation: The consultation is a 60-minute session with a therapist specializing in preschool-aged children and early childhood development.  During the consultation, the therapist will work with the parent(s)/caretaker(s)as well as the child to understand the child’s strengths, and needs, and determine the appropriate fit for the social skills group. Regardless of the child’s eligibility for the social skills group, all parent(s)/caretaker(s) will receive oral feedback about their child’s social-emotional development as well as suggestions on how to promote their child’s social-emotional development in the home setting.


Prerequisite Skills:

Your child can:

  • easily separate from the caregiver

  • speak in sentences

  • follow 2 steps and directions

  • sit and attend with occasional adult assistance and redirection

  • consistently keep hands and feet to self


Spots are limited. Please contact Jennifer Yang at to enroll.


Meet the therapist:









Jennifer Yang, Ed.S. NCSP is a nationally certified school psychologist with 12 years of experience in the mental health field. She worked with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a clinician in a Comprehensive Services Site (CSS) for special education students with severe social and emotional challenges as well as a Behaviorist in public schools in New Jersey. Her graduate training focused on parent training and behavioral consultation for preschoolers at risk for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She is currently working under the supervision of Christine Willing, M.Ed. NCSP to obtain her licensure in private practice as she is transitioning from working in schools to private practice. 

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Image by Hannah Busing

Team of Moms

A Group for moms by moms. We are not meant to parent and mother alone. This group will allow you to connect to an online community of like-minded women and mothers. 



Group meets 1 x week for 6 weeks, 60 minutes, weekday morning, 11:30-12:30,


Cost $25 per session

Please reach out to to sign up today, limited spots

Rebecca knows we are not meant to parent and mother alone. This group will allow you to connect to an online community of liked-minded women and mothers. Rebecca is here to be your biggest champion as you navigate the ups-and-downs of adulthood and motherhood today. 


A School Psychologist with over 15 years professional experience in crafting evidence-based strategies to help mothers overcome anxiety, build relationships, and become their own best parent.  As a mom of 6-year old twin boys – Rebecca navigates the daily stressors of life, work, & parenting every day, and will help you cultivate your own definition of ‘good mom’ and chart a personalized course towards improved cognitive, emotional, & physical well-being. She believes there is more than one way to be a good mom, wife, member of your community – and since parenting today is a full contact sport, Rebecca is ready to help you train, bolster your confidence, and cheer you along in this marathon called life.



Psychoeducation and Skill Building


Overall Aim: build a community and facilitate a dialogue that addresses current problems moms experience and help develop skills and coping strategies to improve cognitive, emotional and physical well-being. Create a nurturing and safe community to explore everyday mom experiences.


Objectives:  upon completion of the program the participants will


1. Develop clarity, conviction and confidence to be the mom you always wanted to be

2. Able to identify triggers, distortions, schemas that interfere with every day functioning

3. Develop and practice strategies to help navigate the challenges of motherhood (1 per week)

4. Identify and utilize a mindfulness practice in their daily functioning

5. Utilize self-care, self-advocacy, self-compassion and wellness in their everyday functioning


Exclusion criteria: *persistent anxiety, depression, sadness, irritability, and any other negative emotions that interfere with your ability to parent effectively, take care of yourself effectively (shower, brush teeth, spend time outside of house each day), sleep (too much too little), thinking about hurting yourself or your child, feeling like you are constantly reexperiencing a traumatic event, frequently crying, feeling hopeless or worthless, experience scary thoughts , worrying you are losing your mind or going crazy, feeling like you are not fit as a mother










I am School Psychologist who has worked for over 15 years supporting children, parents and families as they navigate daily challenged of life and school. Through solution focused problem-solving and evidence-based strategies I help children and adults focus on their inner strengths to conquer problems. I specialize in anxiety, resiliency, relationships and parenting. Most importantly I am mom of identical twin boys who are six years old. Not only have I helped hundreds of families and kids navigate the daily stressors of life and school, but I have had to do it with my own kids. I have first-hand knowledge of how hard it can be to be a “good mom”. This group will allow us to go on a journey of exploration, learning and growth and tap into and empower ourselves to be the moms we envision for ourselves. 


Rebecca is no stranger to endurance challenges, former Division 1 athlete (in two sports no less), marathon running (including 2x Boston), and now twin mom to two active, neurodiverse, literally run until they drop, kindergarteners.

Please reach out to to sign up

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