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Resident in Counseling

Lian is a Resident in Counseling and has experience working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, communication, and coping skills. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned her Master’s in Education in Couples and Family also at Virginia Commonwealth University. Lian incorporates humor and laughter in every therapy session. She strongly believes that rapport is everything in the therapeutic space.


She believes that the approach to therapy begins in understanding that everything makes sense in context. Her role as a therapist is to be the non-judgmental shoulder to lean on when you want to be heard. She values being the counselor that listens, understands, and navigates alongside the client during their healing journey.


In her free time, Lian enjoys thrifting, dog parks, board/card games, and spending time with her husband and close friends. She also loves coffee shops and trying out local restaurants.

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