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Resident in Counseling

Melissa (she/her) is a Resident in Counseling, specializing in providing mental health
support to individuals facing various challenges, with a particular focus on social
anxiety, self esteem, life transitions and anger management. She primarily works with
individuals aged 13 to 35.

Having completed her undergraduate degree in studio art from Radford University and
her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Melissa utilizes a diverse
range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy,
mindfulness-based techniques, play therapy and creative art techniques.

During sessions, Melissa's goal is to cultivate an environment where clients feel
empowered to bravely share their thoughts and emotions, recognizing that trust is
paramount in this journey. She provides a space where clients feel supported and
encouraged to openly explore their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment.
Each session is personalized to meet the individual needs of the client, fostering a
collaborative exploration of challenges and the development of effective coping
strategies. Through this process, Melissa aims to empower clients by providing them
with the necessary tools to navigate their difficulties and find peace within themselves.


In her free time, Melissa enjoys DIY projects, board and video games, walks with her
fluffy great pyrenees, and picnics with her partner.

Social Anxiety
Teen Anger Management
Life Transitions

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