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Resident in Counseling

Susanne is a Resident in Counseling who has a solid background in helping teens and adults heal and feel better from the inside-out.  Susanne helps clients with an integrated mind-body approach that focuses on rebuilding connection, in an effort to achieve profound, sustained wellness. She believes that healing and recovery are possible for everyone, through hard work and small steps taken consistently. 


Susanne’s approach is centered on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Positive Psychology, tailored to the client’s presentation and treatment goals.  As part of her integrative approach, she also incorporates a focus on physical wellness, including sleep, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and creativity in her work with clients.  She has worked in residential addiction treatment centers, including one for First Responders, and at an outpatient treatment center for eating disorders. Her clients have included athletes, members of law enforcement and the military, executives, and parents as well as teens, college students and young adults. She helps clients struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships with substances and other addictive behaviors. Susanne believes in client autonomy, respecting and encouraging clients to take responsibility for their recovery, while supporting them with deep empathy and understanding.


Susanne completed her undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at Rutgers University, followed by a M.A. in International Affairs from American University. Pivoting with life and its twists and turns, Susanne was drawn toward a career in wellness, and became a certified Life Coach and Triathlon Coach, as well as yoga instructor. Susanne added a second Master’s degree, in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through the College of William & Mary. She holds various certifications, including Yoga4Sobriety and trauma-informed yoga instruction, and speaks Spanish fluently.


Outside of work, Susanne enjoys running with her chocolate lab, or spending time with her husband and kids (preferably outdoors). An Adult Third Culture Kid (TCK), Susanne has an insatiable curiosity about the world and is constantly reading, listening to podcasts, and traveling, in order to learn more about other cultures and perspectives.

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