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Ashburn Office Debut: Everything You Need to Know


It is hard to believe that only five years ago, we were opening up our first office location in Falls Church. During this time, Think Happy Live Healthy has grown tremendously. Since 2018, our team of therapists, psychologists, and residents has grown ten-fold, we now have a psychiatrist on staff, and of course, our dedicated team of office administrators have helped us along the way to keep everything running smoothly. Our growth could not have been possible without all of our wonderful clients. We feel that it is a privilege to work with you and be part of your wellness journey. To accommodate our increasing number of referrals, last summer we added more office space on the first floor of our current building and this month we even have expanded to the top floor. While we love our bustling community at the Falls Church office, we also acknowledge that we need even more space to best meet the needs of our clients.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the opening of Think Happy Live Healthy’s second office, which is located in the esteemed Ashburn Farm Professional Plaza building.

Deciding on this new office location was not easy and took careful consideration. However, upon seeing this new space, which we view as serene, spacious, and modern, it felt just right. Situated on the third floor, we are fortunate to have large windows that bring in natural light. Similar to our approach at the Falls Church location, our new office is designed with privacy and comfort in mind and is equipped to provide various services to our clients, including therapy, consultation, and assessment. Given that there will be seven rooms and a larger group meeting area available to us, we are confident that this new office will give us the space that we need as our practice continues to grow.

If you are unfamiliar with the new location in Ashburn, we are nestled in a welcoming building plaza known for its thriving community of professionals in which we hope to foster meaningful partnerships with who also share our passion for promoting services to support mental health and physical health. The building is centrally located, convenient to major transportation routes, and is close to several neighborhoods and schools. There is ample parking as well as shopping and restaurants available nearby.

While some of our therapists will be staying at the Falls Church location, others will only be seeing clients at the Ashburn location, and there will even be therapists doing a hybrid version. Therapists who only do teletherapy will continue seeing clients virtually. If you are meeting for in-person sessions at the Falls Church office and are considering transitioning to the Ashburn office, please talk with your current therapist. If you are interested in becoming a client, you will have the ability to share your preference for office locations when you reach out to us to schedule an intake appointment.

We are excited for this next chapter! Please help us to spread the word about our new Ashburn office location (20955 Professional Plaza) and do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

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