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Could our Subconscious be the Key to Eliminating Unhealthy Habits?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

As January comes to a close and we think back to those new years resolutions, how many of us are still maintaining them? More times than not new years resolutions turn into more self-sabotaging behaviors. This is not because you failed; it is because we are going about change in the wrong way.

Our subconscious controls much our behaviors and actions. Whenever we feel an emotion all of the sudden, our subconscious is behind it. Have you ever felt anxious or depressed for no apparent reason? Then turned to food for relief? What are you trying to escape, why are we trying not to feel?

These feelings and thoughts are engrained from social experiences, childhood patterns or relationships patterns. If we understand the reason why these patterns of thought exist, then we can change from within. We can learn to control our thoughts and change our behaviors.

I believe the key to changing unhealthy habits is not just about changing what we eat, or going to the gym five days a week, it is about changing our patterns of thinking. If we can create healthy relationships with food or working out, then ultimately we can create a healthy relationship with our bodies and in the end our selves.

So how do we change those negative patterns of thinking? In just 5 minutes a day you can work to create a healthy habit, which can in turn lead our mind to maintain those healthy thoughts and positive patterns of thinking.

Journaling: Spend 5 minutes each day writing down your thinking patterns and start to realize the relationship between our self-talk and our unhealthy habits.

Yoga: Learn to strengthen the connection between your body and mind.

Mindfulness: Focus on the present moment, the only reason to look back to see how you far you have come. Anxiety is essentially living in the future and holding on to negative past experiences. Learn to live in the present.

Meditation: Learn to quiet the mind and let the negative thoughts go while breathing in the positive ones.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is another great way to help change more rigid patterns of thinking that then influence our behaviors. If you would like to learn more about all of these practices for yourself or your child, please reach out to us @

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