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Considering Therapy? Our Insider's Look Into Teletherapy Sessions

Beginning in March of this year, Think Happy Live Healthy transitioned from seeing clients in person to moving our service delivery model online by offering all of our clients teletherapy sessions. Despite the potential challenges that could arise as a result of moving to a virtual platform, we were pleased that our clients were willing to take the chance with us. We came to find out that the teletherapy challenges we envisioned were also met with a variety of benefits for our clients and therapists. You may be reading this article and are considering whether to take the first step and try out a teletherapy session for yourself or recommend this for a loved one. Here are some reasons why teletherapy sessions may be the opportunity you have been looking for to start your journey with therapy:

1. Flexibility- With many individuals still working from home, a silver lining is that we can continue to not have to worry about a daily commute. This likely has added an extra 1-2 hours of time that is naturally built into your work day. How are you choosing to spend that time? Are you finding that you are focusing on work instead of taking that extra time for self-care? Having a scheduled teletherapy session can ensure that you are setting aside time for yourself and making your mental health a priority. The practice offers flexible times for sessions, including early morning before work, evening, and weekend hours. Now you may find that you can make that session time that wouldn’t have been possible for you earlier this year.

2. Creativity- While you may be considering teletherapy for yourself, you may also be in the position where you are considering therapy sessions for your child. You may have young children who need support with their emotional regulation skills and are wondering how teletherapy sessions could be effective for them. At Think Happy Live Healthy, a speciality of ours is working with children, and we currently provide teletherapy sessions to children as young as 6. Our therapists are able to connect with adults and children using a variety of creative and interactive approaches during the sessions. The practice uses Zoom for teletherapy which has many features to help keep even the youngest children engaged. Teletherapy provides children the opportunity to use creative thinking by being able to incorporate items in their own home during sessions.

3. Comfort- Teletherapy allows you to have access to the comforts of home (or another desired location) during your session. While we provide recommendations to help you with privacy and confidentiality considerations, ultimately you get to choose the location where you will be able to best focus and maximize your time during sessions. Individuals often would be surprised to find that teletherapy sessions can feel quite natural and rapport is able to be established through virtual sessions.

Please don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself and see why our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of teletherapy.

Contact us at or call us at 703-942-9745 for more information and to schedule an intake meeting for teletherapy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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